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For enterprises large or small, design automation enables engineers to automate their SOLIDWORKS models. Also, it provides a guided selling solution for the sales team with automatic product configuration. DriveWorks facilitate vendors, manufacturers, distributors, and even customers with a modular and scalable approach. Moreover, the capability to automate tasks at will ensures that design knowledge is captured and reused. All while using the existing knowledge to improve efficiency and minimize costs. In short, a complete software solution that reduces costs, design time, and repetitive tasks.


DriveWorks design automation is a configurator software. It enables your business to recreate custom SOLIDWORKS products with great ease and practicality. Additionally, design automation reduces design time while lowering costs significantly. All while enabling your business to respond quickly to customer demands, sales inquiries, consultation. It improve product quality by utilising existing design knowledge. 

  • Design automation with design rules reduces the possibility of mistakes, errors, and risks. Alongside, decreasing the cost of manual mistakes made by engineers.
  • Design automation helps in making your business scalable. This enables it to respond faster to increasing demand and inquiries with reduced design time.
  • With DriveWorks design automation, your business can liberate design engineer from performing redundant tasks. In fact, concentrate their skills on new and special designs. 


A smart integrated solution, complete with parts, assembly, configuration and drawing automation with SOLIDWORKS.

Benefit from Automation

Implement existing design knowledge as you recreate custom products, with accurate cost estimations get a better quotation for customers. Moreover, deliver custom products faster and more effectively, while experience lowered design time and greater accuracy. With generation tasks, get added control over your custom product. In addition, meeting specific dimensions, features, parameters, file formats, and custom properties requirements with great ease. Therefore, replace components and reuse design knowledge all within DriveWorks.

Benefit from Advanced Drawing Control

Enhance your product quality by utilising your existing design knowledge to configure better products. Moreover, experience lowered costs and save time. As you exercise greater control over engineering drawings, annotation texts, and positions, layers, custom properties, break lines and views. Additionally, enjoy added feature to getting full reports that contain a full audit trail of drawing activities. All while easily exporting your drawing to different formats with just one click

Benefit from Automatically Generated Documents

Create different reports based on your requirements and save them to the location of your preference. With advanced control, you can name files accordingly, create a smart naming system to add to the library of parts, save the files in different formats, create supporting documents to help with instructions and manufacturing.


Moreover, configure, design, and deliver at will with DriveWorks. Use and utilize your design knowledge, liberate your design engineers. Also, benefit from lowered costs and more time on your hands. Design more and design better with less time and more efficiency. With DriveWorks software solutions, complete 2D drawings, and 3D models of custom products. Also, Reduce the learning curve and minimize inefficiencies without the need to learn any coding knowledge. In short, a simple solution to multiple complex problems!

Design Automation with DriveWorksXpress

Depending on the scale of your business, you can use design automation to get you started on your next automation journey. Hence, use DriveWorksXpress to your advantage to run simple to advanced configurations, drawings and modelling. Also, with features that enable CAD-controlled 3D models and 2D drawings, drive dimensions and get customized features for added support. DriveWorksXpress is pre-built into every SolidWorks Package. From SolidWorks Standard, SolidWorks Professional to SolidWorks Premium. So, utilising the package and experimenting to discover whether it could be beneficial for your business couldn’t be easier. In a word, here at Design Automations, we can help you to start this journey.

Therefore, bring your ideas to life immediately by generating SOLIDWORKS models and drawings at will. Matched with an easy to use interface, exercise greater control over basic commands. Some of the features included are text box, drop-down, spin button and more. Moreover, get alerts with static validation, and have maintainability, diagnostics and reporting features. These help you accelerate your processes. Besides, identify key areas of improvement with design automation, and get results on model generation timely and effectively.

Design Automation with DriveWorks Solo

DriveWorks Solo could be a perfect solution to your product design companies design bottleneck. With greater capabilities and control than DriveWorksXpress, DriveWorks solo is an excellent add-on package. It helps to boost your sales above your competitors and increase your design offices turnaround time.

Drive all of DriveWorks Solo with Design Automation. Starting from CAD-controlled 3D models and 2D drawings to output generation. Drive instances, colours, dimensions, customized features, advanced features like sheet metal, weldment and hole wizard, along with replacing components. Therefore, have full control over your models, their location, their names, and their formats (STL, STEP, JPEG, etc.). With documentation creation that reflects your current company template, seamlessly accelerate your sales processes. Generate sales quotes, bills of material, purchase orders documentation and more at will.

Moreover, generate SOLIDWORKS models and drawings output more quickly, and get real-time preview feature on-demand if necessary. Also, have more control over your designs with design automation. With resolution and control groupings and guides, along with property grid and dynamic navigation. To summarize, enjoy basic and enhanced commands by controlling everything. From the drop-down, spin button, checkbox, to hyperlink, list box, sliders and option groups. Thus, benefit from re-skin and copy-paste controls to maximise your design potential with design automation using DriveWorks Solo.

Design Automation with DriveWorks Pro

DriveWorks Pro offers all features and control of DriveWorks Solo and DriveWorksXpress, and more. It is ideal for your company to take on large scale projects and provide timely results. With CAD-controlled SOLIDWORKS 3D Models and 2D Drawings, replace components with a dynamically driven or existing file with ease using Design Automation’s services. On the other hand, have full control over your files, including naming, location, model sets used per file and more. Additionally, use multiple model sets, and run SOLIDWORKS Model Macros and Drawing Macros, along with being able to create multiple drawings for varying parts and assembly.

Using DriveWorks Pro benefit from the generative design, creating new features, configurations, mates, inserting components and more. Also, have greater control over additional tasks such as arranging dimensions, auto balloon, rescalling, positioning and more. Moreover, generate output with manual release or automatic generation. As it enables you to decide which models get generated when by putting them in a queue or letting them automatically be generated. With Design Automation, benefit from load balancing and priority processing, all while adding to the scalability of your business.

To summarise, import projects, have an underlying database, added security. Zero-Conversion web access, auto model generation and complete documented API with Software Development Kit. Therefore, integrate seamlessly with multiple software and platforms, and have the support of an online configurator to get direct web access, run as a service, switch to application mode and have virtual reality support. To get you started on your journey today, get in touch with us at Design Automations.


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